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About Us
About us is 100% NZ owned company, locally operated from Albany, Auckland. Since 2008, we’ve grown into a place with massive product ranges and solutions with huge customer base.

In New Zealand, we care about our environment and our future. With LED Lighting, we can create beautiful looking lights with less energy and no mercury. At LED Warehouse, we only have one mission, which is to bring the lighting of the future to you right now with unparalleled product price, product selection and customer service. This mission is what gets us started and what keeps us going forward.

LED light is the trend for home and commercial, living and displaying lighting. Kiwis are pursuing for modern house lighting and commercial lighting more than ever before, LED Warehouse is here to support every Kiwi to create your lovely, modern and attractive lighting that easily be proud of. Providing LED lightings for newest design and lighting ideas, you would fall in love with the experiences which no one else can offer equally. LED Warehouse only supply high quality LED lights that have gained industrial certificate and have guaranteed quality.
What we do 
  •  Supply you reasonable price good quality LED lights
  •  The most reasonable value LED Bulb in town
  •  Customize your LED strip & extrusion profile according to your requirement 
  •  Give you advice on your LED lighting projects (Technical and Design ideas). 
  •  Instantly & friendly customer service
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