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LED Bulbs

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Easy G4 base LED Lamp replacement, equivalent to 10W HalogenSpecification:Input Voltage12VDCPower Supply12VDCLamp Power1.5W Lamp Current100mAAvaliable Color3000K (Warm White)Luminous Flux95Lm - Warm White CRI80Ra Beam Angle350 degrees DimensionsØ 9.7mm x 35mm

$6.99 $10.00

Yearly Saving: $6.38 (4 hours/day, $0.25/kwh) Consuming 85% less energy, while giving you higher level of brightness, the 200 lumen G4-2.5W is great replacement for 20W halogen lights. Wide beam The 160 degree beam angle casts a glow across a wide area, covering more space in one go. Great when space is at a premium Thanks to its small dimensions, this G4 bulb is ideal...

$7.99 $10.00

12V 1.5W G4 Non dimmable 3000K (Warm White) or 4000K (Natural White) Size: 30diam

$16.99 $21.00

Description 12V AC/DC1.8W EPISTAR LED3000K140 LUMENS360° light output12Dia x 40L (including pins)12Dia x 28L (excluding pins)Non-dimmable

$21.99 $25.00

Description 12V AC/DC3W EPISTAR LED3000K230 LUMENS360° light output18Dia x 40L (including pins)18Dia x 29L (excluding pins)Non-dimmable

$15.99 $19.00

Description 12V AC/DC1.5W EPISTAR LED3000K95 LUMENS360° light output10Dia x 37L (including pins)10Dia x 26L (excluding pins)Non-dimmable

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