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Sponsor - Luxcity Project in Christchurch’s - Festival of Transitional Architecture 2012

We were so glad that we had to chance to support the students and support the city we love.

"Luxcity was incredibly well recieved. For the first time since the February 2011 earthquake Cantabrians was able to come into the red-zone of the city center - estimated numbers were around 12,000 - 30,000 people who attended Luxcity well exceeding FESTA's original estimates for around 2000 people. We showcased our sponsors at the the front of Etch-A-Sketch, as well as saying a big thank you to our key sponsors at a press release on Saturday. Please accept our letter of on behalf of our 19 students at the University of Auckland as a thank you. "

By Jenny In Letter from University of Auckland



"Nothing prepares you for your first walk down Gloucester Street these days, past haunted, fenced-off streets, the spectral remains of the demolition-ravaged Farmers building, the gaps, the Red Zone dust on your shoes and the loss..............

The tubes above the ad hoc bar were full of tonic that was meant to glow in black light. They didn’t but no one cared. The night radiated enough of a hopeful, makeshift, magical glow to be seen from space."

By Diana Wichtel In Letter from Christchurch


  • November 14, 2012
  • Alex Wu
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