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Why do High End Restaurants want Warm White Lighting?

First impressions are very important when it comes to hospitality, and lighting often plays the biggest part, it’s key to make the customer feel comfortable while shedding the fine works from the chef in the best light. The colour of lighting is very important, as it can influence customer's emotions, moods and their perception of taste.

Of course, for different types of restaurants, lighting colour would need to be tailored for their needs. Bright white lighting is often used in fast food stores, as this type of light encourages alertness, speed, and a sense of cleanliness. So what would a high end restaurant want, to provide the best experience for their customers?

Cosy and inviting - high end restaurants want people stay longer

Warm colours create a leisurely and inviting atmosphere which is perfect for diners. This cosy feeling would encourage people walking in the dark outside, to enter and feel comfortable at the premises. The warm colours create a feeling of intimacy in the dining space, and encourages diners to relax and take their time while eating, thus ultimately ordering more services from the establishment.


What looks good must taste good!

Warm colours generally have the most impact on increasing a person's appetite. A steak house, as an example, often incorporate lots of red shades along with warm dimmed lighting, which helps to highlight the freshness of the meat. It creates a luxurious environment for diners and helps to boost the sales of appetizers or wine.


Warm lighting hides small defects

With warm light, especially at a dimmed capacity, small defects are harder to spot, even from the most scrutinized diners. Restaurant owners, especially the high end ones usually pay great attention to detail, and they would want to bring the best to their customers by showing them the best in that regards.

Having the right lighting for the dinning space is as important as picking the right location for the establishment. Warm white lighting does all the tricks for the high end restaurants and diners, but if you're still not convinced, maybe it’s time to book a reservation with your local restaurant this weekend.

  • May 31, 2019
  • Alex Wu
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