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Top Picks for Lighting up your Porch

Lighting up the outdoor porch serves several important functions. The porch of often acts as the first encounter when your guests arrive at your property. A well-lit porch creates a welcoming vibe, boosting curb appeal. Lighting up the porch properly also benefit you as a house owner, as it will increase the safety measures for you and your family, being able to identify visitors at night from afar or helping to guide you to your door steps without tripping over.


Let’s take a look at the most suitable approaches:


1.Floodlight/spotlight with in-built sensor

This is the simplest and cheapest solution, often offered all-in-one with the light fitting itself. There are a few benefits with this approach, as floodlights usually come with a very wide beam, and will light up a large area with a single install, for example having a flood light to light up a flight of stairs would reduce to cost opposing equipping each stair with a stair light. Also these flood lights have movement sensors built-in, which will detect the visitor and turn on the light as soon as they come within the vicinity of the porch. The flood lights do have its downside, as light itself has a big footprint, and often lack style. The flood light approach does its job at a low cost, but is normally not very aesthetically pleasing.


2.Exterior downlight under eaves

If you are looking for a more discrete appearance, a downlight installed under the eave in front of the door highlights the area and also does its job without any bells and whistles. You may choose to install an external sensor to be connected to this light.


3.Exterior wall light

This would be the most elegant approach. With an exterior wall light, we open up the different ways to customize the style of the light.  The light beam usually can shine upwards and/or down, or at a controlled angle and direction. These lights are usually aesthetically better than the other approaches mentioned above, and often come with a softer beam, which means less fatigue on your eyes, making it easier to walk all those steps. You may also choose to install an external sensor to be connected to these exterior wall lights.


  • June 14, 2019
  • Sanna Li
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