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What to do with a narrow hallway - a few inspiring idea for lighting

Extend your live space; just thinking of the idea could trigger lots of excitements. An extra room finally to put all your hobbies, favourite collections and finally get that theatre room you dreamed about going! Don't be just too happy about this just yet, to be able to reach those rooms, we’ll need a corridor or a hallway.

A hallway can be really boring though, a hollow space usually people only spends few seconds going pass, or a place where it connects many rooms with very dimmed light to light up when at night, the lack of confidence, when you stalled in a dimmed corridor and trying to open the door to a dark room…..

Let’s say if you lucky enough to have a wide hallway which is able to accommodate a console table. Then the main focus for those hallways is to make every available inch of width to feel comfortable, wall- or ceiling-mounted lighting is the way to go. With these options, you keep the walkways open but can still wash your portraits wall in a warm and inviting glow.


Pendant Lighting

Fancy pendant lights can make be a standout feature for your hallway. Find one that really catches your eye and hang it to transform what would have been a very forgettable space. Pendant lighting is best for hallways with high ceilings.


Wall Sconces

Wall lights are most often used in hallways and also suit every style. The types of wall sconces, namely armed wall scones, candle. Swing arm, flush mount, recessed lamps, can act as decorative accents while providing essential light.

Let’s back to reality. Most hallways are designed to allow a single person to move through easily — and not much else. Because hallways are so narrow, they present two problems. First, the minimal available floor space requires a certain kind of light. And, it narrows the lighting design from complex to minimalist.  When you need to light your hallway but keep walkways clear, mounted or recessed lighting seems to be your best option.


Track Lighting

If you want to add an architectural feel and give yourself highly customizable lighting, track lighting can do the job. This style is ideal for industrial and contemporary spaces.



Sometimes the simple solution is the right one. Can lighting or downlight is an easy and effective way to light your hallways. As we always said, less is more.

  • July 12, 2019
  • Alex Wu
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