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LED Lighting Ideas for a Raked/Slanted Ceiling

We all love the feeling of extra space, and slanted/raked ceilings create exactly that. However, one of the most difficult conundrums, is determining the correct lights to use in these rooms. Below are some lighting ideas that will prove to be functional and asthetically appropriate.

Tiltable Downlights:

Tiltable down lights allow the lights to be focused in a downward direction, even though your ceiling is slanted. These lights also often have a lower beam angle, which means they are perfect for higher ceilings/areas, as the light can travel further, and still be quite bright, compared to wider beam angle downlights.

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Pendants are perfect for raked ceilings if you wish to keep the ceiling clean of downlights. Pendants can be lowered to a suitable height and provide light in all 360 degrees, which will brighten up the room and create a soft glow.

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Tiltable Wall Lights:

Tiltable wall lights are great if you wish the ceiling to have a 'clean' look, free from any light fittings. These lights project light upwards onto the ceiling, and the light is in turn reflected downward, providing a soft light to your room.

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LED strip:

LED strip lighting can be used as an alternative to tiltable wall lights. These lights can also be installed facing upward, reflecting the light against the ceiling and thus creating a soft glow in the room.

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Spot lights/ Track lights:

Spot lights and track lights can be mounted on beams for an integrated look that minimizes the usage of ceiling space. This emphasises the focus onto the beautiful wooden architecture.

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  • June 22, 2018
  • Sanna Li
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