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Pay LESS on your Office Power Bill with Daylight Harvesting Sensors

You've probably already heard of occupancy sensors and how these may change the way lights are turned on when people are detected nearby. However, what you may not realize is that these sensors do not always do what they claim to do – save money. While these occupancy sensors would be extremely helpful in some situations, for example when people stay after hours in the office doing overtime, or when there are very few people working in a large office area, or where many rooms or corridors will not be occupied 100% of the time. But come on! How many businesses would have their office floor empty, or how many small offices would have people doing over time five days a week? In terms of the small to medium business owners, who usually have staff just doing the common 9 to 5, it’s very rare that these occupancy sensors are worth the investment. Simply put, for the majority of NZ business owners, these occupancy sensors are not cutting down the power bill, as they just keep the lights on – all the time, well 9 to 5, Monday to Friday.

So, is there a sensor that might help small to medium business owners cut down their power bill? The answer is simple - the daylight harvesting sensor. This type of sensor detects the brightness of the sunlight streaming in through your office windows, and adjusts the brightness of your lights accordingly. This ensures the light level in the office remains constant throughout the entire day. So how much saving do I get from this? We made it easy to understand for you, just have a glance at the graphic below:


As you can see, at midday, where the natural light from the sun is at a maximum, the sensor dims down the office lights to maintain a consistent light level in the office. While the LED light is dimmed, it is using less power, and thus during this period, the energy usage of the office lights will be greatly reduced. This reduce in power usage means extra savings for the owner. Imagine this happening on a daily basis, you'll be saving a ton of money!


Please feel free to contact us and we can help you choose the correct products for your application.


Check out our daylight harvesting sensor suitable for your small office:
  • May 10, 2019
  • Alex Wu
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