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How to light up your garden

Christmas is right around the corner - less than sixty sleeps! As the day is getting a lot longer, there would be heaps more parties and BBQs going on in your garden and back yard. Here are a few gadgets to ensure your venue is up to the task - impress your friends and guests!

1. Spotlights – Minimum effort, easy to maintain

Spotlights are perfect for small trees and shrubs. These lights come in a variety of versions, including ones that have a stake to easily stick onto the ground, or the screw type, which can be screwed into any wooden surface.


 2. Floodlights – Best coverage for the price

Floodlights are most commonly used for large trees, in particular, those with wide branches. This is because the floodlight has a wide beam angle, and so will have light spreading out across the large tree with ease.


3. Inground Lights – Fancy and permanent

Inground lights can be placed around the pathway in your garden. This will act as a guide across the garden area when it is dark. The ground lights are a safety must especially if you have a path made of uneven surfaces like cobble or individual concrete steps.


 4. Bollards - Wow your guests with these!

Bollard lighting can be used as pathway lighting, as well as lighting for small shrubbery in a wide area. These will shine light downward to create a soft glow.


It’s time to roll your sleeves and get going! If you are were previously unsure and never landing on any concrete ideas, now it’s the perfect time!

  • November 01, 2019
  • Sanna Li
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