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How to decorate your house exterior with Christmas Lights

It's that jolly season once again where the sun is out and the days are chirpier. What brilliant way to celebrate the Christmas season by decorating your home with some festive lighting! Here are some ideas you could use to make your house the glowing pride of your neighbourhood.


  • Wrap string lights around your Christmas wreath on the front door

    This is the most simplest way add a festive touch to your home. Decorating your front door with a wreath is easy and you can definitely DIY without any professional help. Wrap some battery powered string lights on the wreath and you'll have yourself a beautiful front door ready to greet the guests day and night!


  • Use Icicle lights to outline the roof of your house

    Outline the roof of your house with icicle lights to mimic icicles dripping from the cold weather - even though the weather in our part of the hemisphere isn't exactly cooperative, the icicle lights still look stylish!


  • Put fairy lights in your potted plants

    If you have any potted plants on display under your veranda, it is also a good idea to place some battery powered lights around these plants. This will amp up the festive feeling around your home whilst also creating a lovely glow of light on the veranda, perfect for relaxing at night time with friends and family.


  • Hang curtain lights on dull walls

    Bring a plain old wall to life with hanging curtain lights. If you have a small yard with a plain wall, think about sprucing it up with some hanging curtain lights. These will change the mood of your outdoor seating area entirely!


  • Wrap your large trees with rubber star lights

    If you have any large trees in your front or back yard, you can decorate them with rubber star lights. These are waterproof and usually come in warm or cool white colours. Some of them have connectors that can connect to another set of lights for up to 100m - perfect for a large tree! Having your trees light up at night in the yard can help to illuminate the area as well as act as a nice focal point.



  • November 15, 2019
  • Sanna Li
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