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How to Best Showcase Paintings Hanging on the wall

We all want to showcase our beautiful collections that help to enhance our home interior. What are the best ways to do this?


  1. Tracklights

Tracklights can be used when you have a long line of paintings along your corridor, or in an area where the style is suitable. Take into consideration the style of your home, as these lights have a very modern, industrial type of look. They will go perfect with concrete walls, or dark wooden ceilings.


  1. Small beam angle, tiltable downlights

Tiltable downlights blend into your home if you already have downlights installed. Using two lights on either side of a medium sized painting, or one focusing on a smaller painting will help to bring the focus toward the painting, without any distractions. Some downlights are also CRI>90 which help to showcase the paintings true colours.


  1. Gimbal Lights

Gimbal lights have a very wide tilting angle, so is very useful for large paintings, where you need to cover a lot of area.


  1. Wall / picture lights

Wall lights facing downward onto the light give a directional, soft light, compared to the other options.

  • August 03, 2018
  • Sanna Li
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