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Choose the Right Lighting for your Living Room

- Simple and Low Ceiling

The simplest type of light is the LED downlight. Downlights with a wide beam angle (e.g 120°) will cast an even spread of light throughout the room. Using this type of light gives your home a clean, simple look, and the number of lights you need to use is minimal. Table lamps and wall lights add a warm feeling to the room.


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- Feature Wall

A feature wall can really enhance the dynamic in a room. Highlighting this wall using either LED strip lighting or low angle downlights will invite the eye toward the feature, catching your guests' attention.

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- Cove Ceiling

Cove lighting provides a soft, warm ambience to your living room. Established using LED strips, this indirect light creates a comfortable ambient light and also offers you the opportunity to be creative using RGB colour changing lights. A central chandelier provides adequate primary lighting whilst small, low angle downlights on the outer edges helps to widen the room as well as highlight important artwork.

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- Angled Ceiling

Angled ceilings can lift the height of the living room, generating a sense of space. The eye will naturally be drawn upward along the angle. Using tiltable downlights can help to create an even, downward light whilst keeping the look simple and clean. Surface mounted spotlights have the benefit of directing light towards the important areas, such as the seating area and wall hanging artwork.  For a smaller space with a higher ceiling, using a hanging pendant light in combination with a freestanding floor lamp will create a clean yet cosy feeling. Be sure to pick a floor lamp with a 360° beam to provide adequate lighting.

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- High Ceiling

A high ceiling living room will need either many small, low angle downlights or a few larger, high wattage downlights. A grand hanging pendant is also well-suited for the living room, creating a statement and emphasising mood.

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  • April 21, 2017
  • Sanna Li
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