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Best Nightlight for a New Build

It can be dangerous when wandering the house at night without any lights on, however, turning on the main lights can be a hassle. They can also be too bright and hurt sensitive eyes. There are many nightlights out in the market, and most of them need to be plugged into a wall socket. These are perfect for existing homes, but the best nightlight for a new build is to permanently install a sensor and connect it to an additional, soft light, in the most necessary areas.


There are different types of sensors, and the ones you want to go for are the ones that can detect movement as well as daylight. This is usually called a "lux" sensor. This means that the sensor can distinguish between night time and daytime, which means it will only turn on the light when there is movement at night time. Some sensors in the market are simply movement sensors only, which means it will turn on the lights whenever movement is detected, irrespective of if it is day time or night time, hence wasting energy. Once you have chosen the sensor, now you can choose what kind of light you wish the sensor to be connected to.


  • LED Strip Lighting:

LED strip lighting is a popular choice, as it is the most flexible type of light. You can customize the length, the installation location, and the light colour. For a nightlight, we recommend using blue colour or a dim, warm white colour, as these are less bright and easy on the eyes. Areas where you can install this for example, is under the vanity in the bathroom or along the walls or recessed into the wall using particular extrusions.

  • Recessed Stair Lights:

Recessed stair lights are easy to install in a new build. They are usually very low wattage/ low in brightness, and thus they make great night lights. You can install these in your corridor, along the stairs, and in your bathroom. You can even install one in your bedroom near the door (just make sure it's not facing the bed directly!


We hope this has given you some ideas for your new build. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

  • September 20, 2019
  • Sanna Li
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