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Be the Best Host this Summer! - 8 Deck Lighting Ideas to Wow your Guests

Summer is still in full swing - luckily we'll be enjoying the outdoors and relaxing on our beautiful deck for a bit longer. Perhaps grab a beer or two with mates and loved ones this weekend. When entertaining guests, we want our outdoor area to be as inviting as possible - especially when the party goes on till late. This is when both atmosphere and safety become our top priorities.

Let’s take a look on how to modify your deck with these options before the summer fades away!

Outdoor fairy lights (Estimated setup time: 10mins)

  •         Fairy lights create a festive and welcoming feeling
  •         Easiest way to install - hang from a beam/wall to the roof of your house
  •         Come in a variety of colours
  •         Pros: Easy to install, low cost
  •         Cons: Not as bright, doesn’t last long


In-deck lights (Estimated setup time: half a day)

  •         In-deck, low voltage lighting are usually placed around the outer edges of the deck for safety purposes
  •         Provides just enough light to see the outline of your beautiful deck at night
  •         Can also be used to highlight plants and wall features
  •         Pros: Low maintenance, functional
  •         Cons: Long setup time


LED strip lighting (Estimated setup time: a few hours)

  •         Can be placed around along the bottom of stair risers, along the bottom of permanent wooden chairs, and along a pergola or beam shining downwards
  •         Pros:  Bright, looks great
  •         Cons: Cost


Flood lights (Estimated setup time: a few hours)

  •         Floodlights with sensors are the easiest to install, and a quick way to light up the deck
  •         Creates a wide beam of task light
  •         Not very decorative or mood enhancing but gets the job done
  •         Pros:  Super bright, great coverage
  •         Cons: Might be too bright for the eye

Stair lights (Estimated setup time: half a day)

  •         Essential in areas with safety concerns such as the stair risers at the edges of decks.
  •         Come in recessed or surface mount types  - recessed means more work for the builder but they look amazing!
  •         Pros:  Small and unobtrusive
  •         Cons: More difficult to install


Portable lights (Estimated setup time: Zero!)

  •         If you are looking for a quick and easy way to light up your deck area without having to do any work, you might find yourself lucky and just grab a battery powered floor lamp. The good thing about these lights is, a portable lamp can be easily stashed up and pulled out if something comes up and we are in demand for some lighting urgently.
  •         Pros:  Zero setup time
  •         Cons: Battery powered lights may not last long and need to be recharged. AC or DC powered lights come with wires which may be an eyesore, beware where you place your feet.

Surface mount wall lights (Estimated setup time: a few hours)

  •         If you have wall space surrounding your deck, wall lights such as bulkheads will create light outward towards the deck - good for a wide deck
  •        Wall lights such as up/down lights are good for a narrower deck and provide a soft accent light
  •         Pros:  Usually low cost for the light itself
  •         Cons: High cost to setup up wiring inside the wall unless the house is a new build


Downlights for extended roof (Estimated setup time: a couple of hours)

  •         If you have a extended roof, downlights are the easiest to install, and they provide good ambient lighting in the deck area.
  •         Pros:  Most cost efficient
  •         Cons: Well, you don’t get to see the stars

Still feeling lost? No worries. We will make a video tutorial of How to light up your deck on next

following week. Follow us on facebook, Make sure you won’t miss any useful tips.

Keen to try it out by yourself? Here are the link of products we just mentioned above:

Stair Light

Down Light

Fairy & Party Light

Wall Light
LED Strip

In-deck Light

  • February 13, 2019
  • Alex Wu
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