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5 Different Ways to Light your Walk-in Wardrobe

Often with walk-in wardrobes, simple downlights just do not cut it when it comes to lighting up those deep shelves and hanger areas. Shadows created by the shelving can make it difficult to see the items inside, and this does not make for a quick choice of clothing in the morning. You want your wardrobe to be organised and bright enough to be able to see a piece from afar and make a quick snap decision before you head out for either work, dinner, or a party. Sometimes you may just want to walk-in and admire your collection, and beautiful lighting will definitely enhance the experience.

So, what are the different ways you can accomplish this lighting goal? Below are listed 5 ways you can achieve the wardrobe of your dreams with lighting:


Spot/track lights:

Spot or track lights are directional lighting where the light can be tilted to direct a bright spot onto your clothing. These give a considerable amount of reach and are suitable for wardrobes with mainly hangers and pull-out drawers. They tend not to be as effective if you have many different rows of open shelving.



Low hanging 360 degree pendant lights or chandeliers with crystals will direct light all around. These are best as a feature light above an island, however they are also great in smaller walk-in wardrobes.


Cabinet lights:

Round under shelf lighting create a simple round glow of light in each shelf. These are ideal for shelving that are not too wide, as they have a limited spread of light compared to LED strip lighting. The small lights can be recessed or surface mounted onto each shelf, creating a seamless look.


Strip Lights:

No matter what the lengths of your shelving or drawers are, LED strip lighting can be customised to suit. The sleek line of light sits inside aluminium channels embedded inside or on top of each shelf, creating a soft glow, allowing you to clearly see your beloved clothing and accessories.


Rail Lights:

Rail lights are LED strip lighting fitting inside custom made rails. The combination is a smart and visually appeasing design in which both aesthetics and functionality mesh beautifully to create a cohesive look. Create this look by using these 14.4W/m, natural white strip lights with the Vritos Polus extrusion.

  • March 23, 2018
  • Sanna Li
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