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4 Ways to Light your Exposed Ceiling Office

The industrial look has made its statement in office designs particularly in the last few years, and one major element of this look is exposed ceilings. These ceilings can look extremely modern, however one thing you will need to consider is the lighting in this type of environment. As you do not have any ceiling tiles, you will not be able to use recessed lighting. Below are 4 ways you can light up your exposed ceiling office:

1. Use suspended panel lights

Panel lights are one of the most frequently used lights in office spaces. Normally recessed inside tile ceiling cavities, some are also available in suspended forms. These lights allow a wide beam of light to cascade down onto your work space, providing even lighting throughout the office. Although not very stylish, these lights are the most practical and economic. 


2.Use suspended highbays

Highbay lights are perfect for those higher ceilings, providing very bright light if needed. These come in a variety of beam angles, and blend in perfectly with the industrial style you’re going for.


3. Use floor lamps

When your ceiling is extremely high, it may not be practical/possible to install hanging lights. In this case, floor lamps are a great way to light up your office whilst also being aesthetically modern.


4. Use suspended linear lights

If you have your seating plan all thought out, you may decide linear lights are the best in terms of look and focusing light exactly where it is needed. These lights can also be manipulated to any shape using different angled joiners.


Please see our lights below:

Suspendable Panel Lights

Highbay Lights

Suspended Linear Lights

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  • September 24, 2019
  • Sanna Li
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