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Are LED strip lights dimmable?

Yes, our LED strip lights are dimmable, and there are several ways you can dim them. The dimmers for LED strip can be found here and here.

There are two different types of dimmers: Wall Mounted type and Remote Control type. The table below shows some of their advantages and disadvantages.

Wall Mounted vs. Remote Control Dimmers for LED Strip:

Type Advantages  Disadvantages
Wall Mount
  • No risk of losing dimmer
  • Items needed range from 2-3
  • Need to cut hole in wall for mounting
  • Can only control up to 4 Zones
Remote Controlled
  • Can control up to 8 Zones
  • Can control the lights from different areas of the house
  • Need 3 items: Remote + Controller + Driver
  • Risk of losing remote


If you are unsure what to use for your project or for any other inquiries, please contact our experienced sales team: 0800 66 65 64

  • July 06, 2016
  • Sanna Li
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