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Can I bend my LED strip around a 90° corner?

Many applications require LED strips to bend around a corner. There are two ways you can bend LED strips:

  1. When bending an LED strip this way, make sure you only bend at the 'cut' line. Bending at any other location may cause solder points on the LED to lift off the PCB (printed circuit board), causing a fault in the strip.



  1. When bending the other way, cut the strip at the bend point (along the designated 'cut' lines), solder a short wire in between, and bend at the wire. There are also joiner clips available on the market, however, these often fail to provide a secure contact. For the best connection, soldering is the way to go.



Waterproof LED strips are coated with thick silicon, and thus cannot bend in a 90° angle. It is best to use the above method (2.) for any type of bend in your project. You will also need to fill the soldered end with silicon or a similar waterproof coating.




  • August 18, 2015
  • Sanna Li
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