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  • July 25, 2017
  • Sanna Li

Can the RGB strip change its colour by itself? What else do I need?

To change colour, the RGB strip must be connected to a controller. This controller can be in the form of remote control or a fixed, wall mounted controller. You can find these under our drop down menu: Products >> LED Controllers >> RGB Controllers. Controllers are generally to be connected between the LED strip and the AC-DC driver / power...

  • October 06, 2016
  • Sanna Li

Can I plug the LED strip light directly to the power socket?

  Yes, you can. There are two ways you can do this:   Option 1: Purchase the 5m reel which comes with a P1J female plug. This plug fits into the drivers in the "recommended driver" tab. The drivers come with an AC plug which plugs into your wall socket. Alternatively, purchase an LED strip 'Bundle' which comes with everything...

  • October 03, 2016
  • Sanna Li

What is the difference between "controller" and "driver"?

A driver transforms your AC mains power to the appropriate DC power required to power your LED lights. A controller is needed if you wish to dim, change the colour, or control your LED lights. Controllers come in different forms, depending on the type of light and control function you wish to use. They can be paired up with a...

  • July 06, 2016
  • Sanna Li

Are LED strip lights dimmable?

Yes, our LED strip lights are dimmable, and there are several ways you can dim them. The dimmers for LED strip can be found here and here. There are two different types of dimmers: Wall Mounted type and Remote Control type. The table below shows some of their advantages and disadvantages. Wall Mounted vs. Remote Control Dimmers for LED Strip:...

  • August 18, 2015
  • Sanna Li

Can I bend my LED strip around a 90° corner?

Many applications require LED strips to bend around a corner. There are two ways you can bend LED strips: When bending an LED strip this way, make sure you only bend at the 'cut' line. Bending at any other location may cause solder points on the LED to lift off the PCB (printed circuit board), causing a fault in the strip.  ...

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