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2018 Step by Step Guide: How to Choose a Controller for RGB LED Strips

  1. Look under the RGB controllers page
  2. Decide on the controller type you want, and filter this using the 'Refine' bar on the left hand side of the page:
  • 'Touch Control' is a wall mounted option. Please note you will need to cut a recess into your wall to install this.
  • 'Wifi Android/IOS' means you will be able to control the RGB LED Strip using a phone APP.
  • 'Onboard Button' means you have neither a wall mounted or a remote controller option. This is suitable for areas where you do not need to change the colours often.
  • 'Multi-Zone' means you can control two areas separately by using only one remote or wall panel.
  • 'Remote Control' is a remote control option
          3. Check that the total wattage of the RGB strip is less than that of the controller you have chosen. 
        • Example:
        • Calculate total wattage of strip (e.g 4m of 14.4W/m RGB strip). Total wattage = 4 x 14.4 = 57.6W.
        • Max. wattage allowed for the controller (e.g M3+M3-3A) = max current x max voltage = 9A x 12V = 108W).
        • Check if max. wattage of controller is greater than total wattage of RGB strip: 108W>57.6W? YES. Then you can use this controller.
        • If it is not enough, then you can use a repeater.

              4. Choose a correct power supply if the controller requires DC input. If the controller requires AC input, then you do not need a power supply.


        Hope this guide helps! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to chat with us online or give us a call.

          • October 26, 2018
          • Sanna Li
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